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If you want to stop, that's ours!

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Come out and hear one of your fellow members at our speaker meetings being held throughout the Michiana area. Speaker meetings are open to all!

Local Speaker Meetings
Meeting & Time Sweet 'n Sober
Sundays 7pm
Sunday Night Speaker
Sundays 7pm
East Race for Sobriety
Tuesdays 7pm
Friendship Group
Saturdays 7pm
Saturday Night Live
Saturdays 8pm
Location Hope Family Center
South Bend
Area Hall
South Bend
Sunnyside Presbyterian Church
South Bend
South Bend
Willow Creek Church
Mar 4       TBD TBD
Mar 5 TBD TBD      
Mar 7     TBD    
Mar 11       TBD TBD
Mar 12 TBD TBD      
Mar 14     TBD    
Mar 18       TBD TBD
Mar 19 TBD TBD      
Mar 21     TBD    
Mar 25       TBD TBD
Mar 26 TBD TBD      
Mar 28       TBD TBD